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I’ve often noticed that when people come to me asking about a website update, they are more concerned about the look and feel of the site than anything else. It may be counter intuitive, but more often than not, this is a mistake. You see, redesigning a website should be viewed like refurbishing a shop. It’s not going to mean much if your shop is in the middle of the desert. People likely aren’t going to make a mission out into the middle of nowhere in order to purchase your product.

What I mean when I say “location”

The location of your website doesn’t have anything to do with your domain name or your IP address. What it does have to do with is your ranking on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) or any of the other search engines. But let’s not pretend that any other search engine is rivalling that of the tech giant that is Google.

You need to rank on Google in order to be found organically. Being on the second page of Google or further is like being in the middle of the desert. In fact, there is a running joke amongst us SEOers that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of google. You’re not going to get much traffic there as nobody ventures out that far on purpose. You want to be in the centre of town where everybody goes when they need to make a purchase.

Do I really need a new website? - Shop in the desert.

If SEO is going to be your main strategy for lead generation then it’s important to get your website ranking as high up as possible for the key terms that your target market is searching for. You don’t want to rank for something completely unrelated to your product or service because that is not going to generate leads or increase your customer conversion rate.

What’s working and what’s not

Figuring out what is working for your business online and what isn’t working will determine what needs to change.

If people are leaving your website because the design is so bad that the user experience is spoiled, then you should redesign and revisit the content.

However, if you aren’t getting much traffic the best way to ensure that people find your website quickly, is to have it referred to on the relevant platforms. For B2B businesses, you need to be on LinkedIn as it is the number one tool used by B2B digital marketers. Other platforms include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, LinkedIn should be where you focus your energy and resources as it is a business networking website which is used by companies and professionals on a regular basis and has an enormous user base.

If you have decent traffic (You are in the city centre)

If you have decent traffic to your website but are not getting much in the way of conversions then a redesign and serious look at your messaging and content could be in order. Test everything is working on your website as quite often I see websites not working because the website is literally… well, broken. Your aim should be monetise your current traffic rather than generating more of it.

If you don’t have much traffic (You are in the desert)

Do not worry, as there are still ways to generate high intent traffic. But you need to focus on traffic not rebranding and design.

Imagine doing a renovation and rebrand on a shop in the middle of the desert… Is this really going to generate more customers?

Think of any time you went to a shop or restaurant down an obscure street that you were referred too? You wouldn’t have come across it on your own. So consider ways to refer people to your website. As mentioned earlier, social media is great for starting conversations with your ideal client and for B2B marketing, Linkedin is king. Other methods of paid marketing such as adwords and paid social media marketing are a great way to improve your location and refer more people but they often convert worse than more manual/organic methods.

Final thoughts

If you think it’s time to update your website, you need to think clearly about what is and isn’t working on your current website. After that, consider your location and how you can ensure you gain more online traffic. Think about using specific platforms, like LinkedIn, as a way to generate leads as well as refer people back to your website. If you have the traffic already then consider how to better convert that traffic.

I would love to hear your thoughts on website redesigns and rebrands, so feel free to leave a comment. If you want to learn more on the matter, you can contact me directly or check out my free workshop via the link below.

About The Author

About The Author

Ryan is a B2B lead generation specialist who helps companies grow exponentially by defining their message and starting valuable conversations with their ideal clients on Linkedin. If you'd like to see if Ryan can help you and your business grow then apply for a FREE strategy session using the link below.

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